Monday, June 14, 2010

FREE Neat & Nifty Nine Patch BOM

Here we are at the 15th of June. I hope all of you who have been following the Neat & Nifty Nine Patch BOM found my blog! Anyone is welcome to download the patterns for FREE. The June block is available for download. All you need to do is press your "END" key on your keyboard and it will take you to the end of my blog where the downloads are. I hope that you will come back often for block patterns and who knows what else? I enjoy reading your comments and having you come and visit. I have included all of the blocks thus far if you wish to download them. Looking forward to seeing you often! The next block pattern will be available on or before the 15th of July. ENJOY!
This is a mock up of the quilt that you can make.
Here is a picture of the June #6 Block.


  1. Hi Susan, I have found you thanks to Lorraine alerting me to the change to the BOM. She said you sent an email but I havent received it - thank goodness she alerted me or I would have had only half a BOM. lol. Thank you so much for continuing the patterns for us. It will be good to be able to keep in touch with what you are up to. I have just started a blog also, still learning my way at this stage but having a fun time.

  2. Thanks Susan for continuing the BOM on here. I still don't have May's done yet but hopefully this week May and June will get done.
    I will miss the interaction though with the other quilters. Can't wait to see more patterns!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I am checking into a yahoo group. Hope we can transition to that. I love your comments and continued visits to my BLOG! :o)

  4. Susan, thank you for sending me the email. I hadn't done anything with these BOM's yet, but when I went to your blog and saw them, I really liked them, so have now downloaded all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are absolutely welcome, Linda. Thanks for the post!

  6. Hi Susan....found the blog, but I am having trouble printing BOM for June... Help.

  7. Hi Susan-
    got the bom to download and print. Thanks
    have a great weekend

  8. I was working on this BOM last year then we bought a house and moved before I could get the last 3 blocks....can't seem to access those blocks....HELP! xoxox Maryam

  9. lol never mind....I found it on the files in the yahoo group!!! Woo hoo I'm a happy camper now!