Friday, August 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home (Part 1)

It is about time that I introduced you to our new home. We will be living in our 5th wheel for the next few years. So far, it is pretty comfy. I will take you all on a tour.

Above is our cozy little kitchen. I love the fact that the sink has covers (cutting boards) on them. That way, I can use the sink as I do a dishwasher. You guessed it.... The dirty dishes are under the covers until I turn the dishwasher (me) on! :o)

This is our dining area.... conveniently located off the kitchen area. The table cloth I finished just today. I will give a close up of it in the next post.

Here is our couch/guest bedroom. The couch folds down to a bed for visitors. The rug I made a few years ago and brought it from our old home. I like how it matches. I need to make some throw pillows for the couch to dress it up a bit.

Here is our entertainment center. You notice it isn't on? Obviously, I don't watch much TV. But it is there when American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is on. :o) To the right is the door to our bedroom. You will see it soon...

We were able to bring our recliners from home. Just right for a nice relaxing night after a hard day's work. I usually use the Apron Topper for my table, but I love it so much I had to keep it out for a while longer.

As promised.... Here is a photo of our bedroom. Sorry about the picture in the mirror. I didn't know how to take a picture of our closet without taking me along with it! LOL!! I love my bedspread. It reminds me of all the sweet quilting sisters who I swapped blocks with in Idaho. I miss you guys!!!

Last but not least is our toilet. As you can see.... a very large and spacious bathroom. I am very proud of the fact that it is REAL porcelain NOT plastic!!

Here is our bathroom sink. The door to the toilet is to the right. PRIVACY, huh??

This is the flat screen TV in our bedroom. I hate to say that I haven't watched a whole movie, yet! Bed is for sleeping, not watching TV. LOL!

Oh.... and this is the outside of our home. Can you believe all that stuff in in THERE??

You probably didn't see my sewing machine in our home, right? Well, above is the beginning of my sewing room. This is the entrance.

Here is the inside. I promise, it is going to be AWESOME!! I can't wait!! My sweet MIL is letting me use her guest bedroom for my sewing room right now. BLESS HER!!!

Here is my morning friend that literally kicks my "you know what"!! I am being very faithful, though. I have to report to my daughter every morning or I get in T R O U B L E!! (Thanks, Amber!)

Well, there you have it.... the grand tour of the Wood home. Hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. Well that was fun! I enjoyed going on your home tour. Its just right for the two of you and easy to clean. Love it! Amber...

    P.S. Eric is Talon. Not sure how that happened..allwell

  2. Wow Susan, it sure is amazing how compact it is. And to still fit in your comfy recliners is a bonus. Looking forward to a tour of your sewing room combo when it is finished. No wonder the move has been such an effort with having to decide what to fit in and what to store, plus what to leave behind.

  3. Thanks for the tour. Nice place. Housework will be a breeze. So is your sewing room in a garage type building. That's what it looks like at the moment. Are you in a campground or on a piece of land somewhere?
    I had a friend when the kids were young that lived in there 5th wheel with 2 little girls. I was cozy but they managed.

  4. Thanks for taking the tour, Marilyn and Carol. To answer a few questions. We are able to park under a large canopy of DH parents. The "new" sewing/combo room is a shed build on the back of a large building at DH parents home. They are so kind a gracious to give us this spot!! We are here to help them as well!

    Amber, looking forward to having you visit us!!

  5. Thanks for the tour! For a diehard quilter you have taken the ultimate leap of faith to go without your sewing room for awhile. The log cabin with trees quilt looks great! We are going into State Fair time, which, as you know, is practically Christmas for quilters (along with other exhibitors). We miss you lots!