Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Missing YOU!

While in Idaho in October, I went with my daughter, Talia and my grandkids, Hunter Hailey and Tyghelyn to shop for pumpkins. Here are a couple of shots at the pumpkin patch.

Oh how I miss them!!

Finally - My Sewing Space!

FINALLY!! We moved into our "room" the day before Thanksgiving! It has been a LONG process. Here are some before and after pictures. This is how our storage room looked before.

And here is the "AFTER".... Pegboard to hang my stuff on is a great asset!

This is Roger's unfinished space. I have to admit that mine is a lot bigger!! He is so generous!
Here is his finished space. He gave himself 2 windows. I got one! LOL!! He deserves at least 2 windows.. :o)
Here is a corner of my sewing space. I have a TON of floor space. A lot of room for a LONG ARM!! :o) A girl can wish, right?
I have turned the walls into a gallery of sorts to hang my quilts and admire them. They bring back lots of good memories!

This is the closeup of my Quilt Diva! She was a lot of fun to make. I am still searching for a zipper pull for her rolling bag. I just haven't come up with the perfect thing yet.... I love the pin cushion on her arm and her beads made from spools. Her earrings are even swaying. I didn't intend for them to be crooked, but I like them this way!! She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips!