Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garden Lady

I just finished this wall quilt on Saturday the 3rd of September. I have been hand quilting it since before we moved here. I finished everything but the outer border and decided I had had enough! I took it to my sewing machine and quilted the outer border using the free motion method.

I really love how she turned out. It was a lot of paper piecing and applique, but she is done! Doesn't she look lovely in her garden?


Here is a picture of my sewing room progress. It is getting there! The picture you see is from the doorway looking in. You can see 2 windows (at least the hole and one window). The other window is where you can see the reflection on the floor. The studded area will be a food storage area and whatever can be stored there. There is plenty of room above the store room to store things. I'm sure Roger will find lots of stuff to go up there. Maybe I can store my large batting pieces?

I am ready to move in! But I don't think that would be appropriate just yet. There is insulation to put in the ceiling and sheet rock and insulation to put in the storage room. More sheet rock and peg board to go on the big room and then the carpet.

Roger and his brother Kim and nephew Obid has worked hard to get it this far. I am so appreciative!! I am going to hang my quilts as decoration. It will be fun to have my own space! :o)


Yesterday was my oldest son Caleb's birthday. It is so hard to believe that he is this 38 years old. After all, I am only 39. How can that be?

I miss him! I miss his hugs, I miss how he always knows how to do everything. I miss his smile and his ALWAYS positive attitude. I miss his friendship. I miss him!! Happy birthday, son!