Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Quilt Retreat

October 13 - 16 was our 3rd quilt retreat. Dana was so gracious to let us use her cabin, again!! Since we moved to New Mexico, I was very anxious to get to Idaho and start having SEW much fun!! I arrived in Idaho on Sunday and had to wait clear until Wednesday to get to our retreat. I kept my time filled with Grandkids, visiting my quilting buddy, Ilene. I even got to go to our Idaho quilt group!!

When we arrived at Dana's cabin, a truck with 2 guys pulled up and asked us if we were having a "girls" weekend. Excitedly we said , "YES"! Then they proceeded to tell us that they were having a "guys" weekend in a cabin down the road! YIKES!! BOLT THE DOORS!!! Then when we went on a walk one day, a guy was standing at his cabin and commented on the nice day that it was. We agreed, because it WAS very beautiful!! Then he said, "Do you want to go out?" There were 4 of us walking. I'm not sure which one he wanted to go out with. (Probably, Ilene... :o) )

Well, here are all 7 of us. From top left to right is : Jill, Debbie, Mary, and Ann. From bottom left to right is Me (Susan), Ilene and Dana.

We had SEW much fun. We talked, sewed, ate, sewed, shared, and sewed some more! We shared a lot and got a lot of projects done. I will try to remember some of the things that we completed. I need to take MORE pictures. I was in such awe of all that was accomplished that I simply forgot to get my camera out, except for a few. I will try to do better next time! I would love it if everyone would take pictures of their projects and email them to me. I really want to add every picture that I can to remember this fun time!!

I will start alphabetically and try to remember what everyone did.

Ann: Ann completed her corn row for our Bountiful Harvest quilt. It was my fault she didn't finish sooner because of a pattern error. Then, she made the cutest bag for her daughter. Then she started on some skirts for her daughters. The fabric was AWESOME!! Lucky, Lucky Daughters!!

Dana: Dana, as usual, had her sewing machine going a mile a minute. She had a project to complete for Wood Badge. The project she chose was to make a quilt with the different US flags in it. She put a description under each flag and then set it together with big stars. The quilt and Dana are below. This will look so wonderful hanging in her home or cabin. Then she made the cutest scripture bag. Then of course.... Dana made aprons for Christmas. I'm sure there is something I forgot!

Debbie: Debbie was a WHIR of activity. I can't believe all that she did! She is doing the 12 days of Christmas for her family this year. What a lucky family!! She was working on costumes to portray the Nativity. Then she was making Christmas stockings for each family. She also showed finished table runners that she started last retreat. I am sure that I am forgetting something!

Ilene: Ilene got into her "use it up" mode. If you look closely at the apron she is wearing, you will see that it is made from a table cloth! She made 2 aprons from tablecloths and started making a bag from a table cloth as well. She also put together a purple, black and white quilt for her granddaughter. Isn't that apron just the CUTEST!!!

Mary: Mary finished up a bag she had started for her daughter. The colors were absolutely beautiful. She made it using a charm pack. I'm thinking her daughter will be ecstatic! Then, she made the cutest quilt top for a baby boy. Again.... I wish I had pictures of everything. (I am kicking myself right now!)

Susan: I made a pumpkin/flying geese table topper that I saw in a magazine. I also had blocks from a birthday swap that I put together. Both of these still need borders. I just need to figure out just the right borders for both. Then, I embroidered on our Bountiful Harvest quilt blocks. Pictures will follow when I get these completed... :0)

This is our bountiful harvest quilt. I LOVE IT!!! Each section was made by a different person. I had to come right home and finish it! It fit together perfectly!! All of the sayings are hand embroidered. This quilt will be cherished forever!!!

The food was like eating gormet every day! It was like Christmas EVERY day. Little things kept popping up by my sewing machine or on my pillow when I went to bed at night. I LOVE my sewing sisters!! SEW many memories of GREAT times!! We have already planned the next retreat for April. Debbie says it will be in Provo!! WOO HOO!!!!!!