Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilt Retreat April 2010

This is our 2nd quilt retreat and it will NOT be the last! We had one last year and it was so much fun that we had another one this year. Well, it doesn't end there.... We are going to have a Fall Retreat in October!! There were 6 of us that attended. Debbie was so gracious and allowed us to stay in her cabin at Island Park, ID. Dana let us stay at her cabin last year. We will be staying at Dana's cabin again in the Fall. This is who attended. Jill Wray, Debbie Searle, Dana Searle, Ilene Kendrick, Mary Hobson and me... Susan Wood. Ann Ahrendsen was not able to attend. :o( Following are some pictures that were taken. I know there are some more out there. These are just mine.
All of us worked hard since the last retreat to make a "joint" quilt. Here is a picture of theChristmas Quilt that we made. It is from Cotton Way and is called "The Twelve Rows of Christmas. This on is mine. I haven't got the borders on and it is not quilted, YET. My goal is to have it ready to show at next retreat in October. Each row was done by one of us and then multiplied times seven! We all went to the bedroom and laid out each row. OH WHAT FUN to see each row revealed!! I am so excited to have a Christmas quilt to display for Christmas and remember my quilting friends. Dana made a label for each of us to put on the back. SWEET!!

Here is a picture of Mary who finished this log cabin quilt top. I love the applique blocks that really accent the entire quilt. Good job, Mary!!

Here are a few pictures of our Jill. THis is a picture of the patchwork bag she made.

Here is a picture of her gardening buckets. Don't you LOVE that fabric? We were all getting hungry just looking at the fabric. And.... the scraps will go in the Fall Retreat quilt. I'll be you can't wait to see that one too!

This is a quilt she made for her daughter. It is some Mary Jane, the farm lady... BTW... Jill influenced us on the Mary Jane magazine. I'm sure that most of us ordered it. Can't wait until it gets here! Jill surprised her daughter with this quilt! Lucky Daughter!!!

Can you believe this cute bag!! Again, Jill is giving this to her daughter. Same one?? Does she keep anything for herself?? I have such a hard time giving my quilted things away. They become one of my children by the time I am done!!

Debbie was busy making beautiful things for her cabin. This is one table runner that she finished the top for. LOVE IT!!

Then, Debbie got busy and mad another runner. Then.... she took the scraps and made these CUTE hot pads!! Debbie you were on a ROLL!! AWESOME!!!

Okay... Dana is the queen of ASSEMBLY LINE!! Ilene and I showed everyone how to make these cute bags called Roly Nesters. Somehow we have tagged them Roly Poly's... :o) Anyway, Dana made... count them.... SEVEN!!! These are going in her gift closet. Boy would I love to shop in her gift closet!!!

Here is a flannel quilt that Dana made. She WAS going to give it to her daughter, but I think we talked her into keeping it for herself to snuggle up in. Or at least keep it in her cabin. Cute fabric and WONDERFUL job!!!

If you look to the right of Dana's quilt, (the yellow, blue and green one). This is one of the projects that Ilene was working on. LOVE, LOVE it!! I don't know why I didn't get more pictures of Ilene and her work. I guess we were busy taking pictures!! I'll try to do better in October.
Speaking of October. Here is the mock up of the quilt that we will be making for our Fall Retreat. This is going to be another FUN quilt!! Ilene and I designed it. It will be fun to see all the different fabrics and personalities that will go into this quilt!

I have one block of the Turkey done. Hope you all like how it turned out!!

Another Quilty thing

I finished this wall hanging a couple of weeks ago. It is from Lori Holt's "Comforts of Home" She gives so much detail on her applique. I will definitely do more of her stuff. I personalized it just for us. The house number is ours and if you look closely at the tree there is a special carving. :o) I learned an applique trick from a sweet lady in our quilt group. Thank you, Julie for teaching us how to use glue and freezer paper to make the perfect applique!! I and stitched all of the pieces. The border is flying geese. I really like the versatility of placing flying geese in different ways to achieve and awesome border. The quilting is free motion. I should have used a same color thread. Oh well, shoulda, coulda. It's done and I am mostly satisfied with it..... This will hang above our bed in our bedroom.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Fresh Start

Okay.... I have not blogged for SO long that I can't remember my password, login email, etc, etc. I used to blog at quiltingforless.blogspot.com, but I can't seem to log in to add a post. What the hey!! Why have I waited so long?? I know, it's my fault, but who says we can't forget our past and start anew? :o)

It will take a long time to catch up to where I was, but for now, I will start with where I am. Sounds like a plan?

As time goes on, I will hopefully add some posts of interest. Well, at least interesting to MOI!! (Interpereted "Me"... I did take a few years of French...)

As you will find out, I have a passion for quilting. Lately I have been putting these teeny tiny little pieces together to make a miniture Lonestar quilt. I went to a guild meeting the other night and was so inspired by Sally Collins. She does such beautiful work!! Her quilts look like tapestry, but a closer look tells you that she is a very precise piecer and quilter. I was in AWE!!

Here is my first attempt at one of these miniature quiltis. This is my Lonestar quilt. Although, not perfect, I am striving for "THAT" perfection!! I have placed a pen on the quilt so that you may see a size orientation.